I offer private lessons at $100.00 per month, 1 day per week, 1/2 hour per day. Drew Guitar

I also offer group lessons for a discounted rate of $75.00 per month, 1 day per week, 1/2 hour per day.

Group classes consist of 4-6 students per class, grouped by age range.

Age groups include: 8-10 yrs., 11-13 yrs.,  14-16 yrs., 17-20 yrs., and 21+. For students under 8 yrs. only private lessons are offered at this time.

Home recording lessons are also only offered privately at this time. For home recording I teach basic concepts and fundamentals of setup, recording, editing, effects, synthesizing, basic mixing and mastering, all using a personal home computer, interface and Protools software.


Call or email now if you are interested in signing up. 209-595-4059 | nickford@onehomehit.com